Expert committee

Based on proposals from the member communities, Mobilia sets up an expert committee for the heritage vehicle register for a period of three years, whose task it is to make proposals for the classification and admission of vehicles to the register, issue opinions on the granting of financial aid for ensuring the preservation of a vehicle under consideration, and carry out other expert tasks assigned to the committee by Mobilia.

The expert committee is composed of a chair and secretary appointed by Mobilia and a representative from the following fourteen member communities:

AKK-Motorsport Ry, the National Federation of Motorsports

Vehicle History Society

Automobile museums under the Advisory Committee of Finnish Automobile Museums

The Finnish Hot Rod Association

Finnish Transport and Communications Agency Traficom

Metropolia University of Applied Sciences

The Finnish Heritage Agency

The Historical Vehicle Association of Finland

The Association for Finnish Bus and Coach Enthusiasts

The Finnish Historical Omnibus Society

The Finnish Association of Earth-Moving Machinery

The Association for Old Bicycles

The Vintage Truck Association

The Vintage Motorcycle Club of Finland

The expert committee may supplement itself. Members can resign from the committee by giving notice. If a member community of the committee ceases to exist and/or becomes inoperative, the committee may declare the member community to have resigned. Mobilia will confirm the duties of the expert committee at the time of appointment.