Road Stories

New permanent exhibition!

‘Road Stories’ is Mobilia’s new permanent exhibition and tells the story of Finnish roads and road travel.

The exhibition travels and grows in time, creating a bridge to insights into the meaning of roads and road travel. Scenery that is so familiar to us now that we don’t even notice it can become fateful just moments later. As the name suggests, the exhibition tells small stories of journeys from the thousand-year history of the Finnish road.

The exhibition aims to give rise to and provide space for insights, experiences, and the meaning of travelling. The goal is to experience meaning, not just lines on a map.

The exhibition is produced by Mobilia’s partner Fantasia Works Oy, and the content is produced in collaboration with a wide range of experts, artists, and object owners. The exhibition is supported by the Museum Vision grant from the Finnish Cultural Foundation.

The headline photo shows a bus stuck in a very bad frost heave in Hartola in 1957. Photo: Mobilia / Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency

The second picture shows midsummer traffic in 1969. Photo: Mobilia / Finnish Road Safety Council

Road Stories at Mobilia from 18 March 2022.

Mustavalkoisessa kuvassa juhannukselta 1969 autoletka aikakauden henkilöautoja etenee kohti kuvaajaa kumpuilevalla päällystetiellä. Vastakkainen kaista on tyhjä yhtä horisonttiin häviävää autoa lukuunottamatta.