Studies and historical publications

Automotive and road history research, commemorative books, and background studies are Mobilia’s core competences. Mobilia produces studies on phenomena or specific subjects in the automotive and road sector.

Research projects carried out by Mobilia

Aviation Museum Survey (2020)
In 2020, the Finnish Aviation Museum and the Finnish Air Force Museum commissioned a study on the current state and future of national aviation museums, which was financially supported by the Ministry of Education and Culture. The study examined the collections, facilities, activities, and future prospects of Finnish aviation museums, both professionally managed and run by enthusiasts. The results of the study were published in early 2021 as a report that also includes a description of Finnish aviation collections in its annexes. The study was carried out by Mobilia’s project manager Anni Antila.

100th anniversary of the Automobile and Touring Club of Finland ATCF (2019)
ATCF, the Finnish motorists’ service, interest, and hobby organisation, turned 100 in 2019. The history of the organisation is considered to have begun when the Finnish Automobile Club was founded at Hotel Kämp on 19 November 1919. To mark the milestone year, a book produced by Mobilia on the 100-year history of the ATCF was published, covering the activities and role of the club as an advocate for motorists. The book is written by M.A. Tuomas Rantala, a researcher at Mobilia.

90th anniversary of the Association of Finnish Car Inspectors (2017)
The book covers the activities of the Association of Finnish Car Inspectors during the years 1927 to 2017, the changes in vehicle inspection, and the role of the inspector in promoting road safety. The book is written by Esko Juhola.

History of the Vantaa Taxi Drivers’ Association (2015)
Vantaa Taxi Drivers’ Association’s commemorative book “Maailman parasta taksipalvelua?” was published in February 2015. The book is written by Mobilia researchers Tuulia Hakala and Tapani Mauranen.

History project for Lähitaksi Oy (2015)
A commemorative publication on the 50-year history of Lähitaksi Oy. The publication is written by Tuulia Hakala, a project researcher at Mobilia.

Finnish Taxi Owners’ Federation’s commemorative book project (2015)
Taksi on valopilkku! The 70-year history of the Finnish Taxi Owners’ Federation. The book is written by Matti Turunen.

History project for the Finnish Federation of Camping, Caravanning and Motorcaravanning (2013)
The federation’s 50th anniversary book Loma edessä, mökki takana – suomalaisen leirintämatkailun viisi vuosikymmentä was published in November 2013. The book is written by Mobilia researchers Tapani Mauranen and Silja Partanen.

Parempia väyliä ja nopeampia yhteyksiä (2012)
The 120th-anniversary book of the Ministry of Transport and Communications, Parempia väyliä ja nopeampia yhteyksiä, tells the story of the changes the Ministry and its staff have gone through from the early 1990s to the present day. Created around six overarching themes, the book has been written in an unusual way: the story is told by the ministry’s own staff. The book is written by Matti Turunen (M.A.), a researcher at Mobilia. [Read the full commemorative book here (in Finnish)]

History of the Tampere Western Ring Road (2009)
Mobilia started a study of the history of the Tampere Western Ring Road, commissioned by the Road Administration’s Häme district. The project resulted in a book of around 100 pages, published in January 2009. The history of the Tampere Western Ring Road was written by Tapani Mauranen, M.Soc.Sc.

Fire Museum Survey (2008)
In 2006, the fire and rescue sector launched a project to develop fire museums and set up a steering group to take it forward. The group consulted Mobilia on the concepts and organisational options for museum and heritage work and asked Mobilia to draw up a decision-making model.
The survey on the establishment of a national fire museum was completed in autumn 2008. The survey examined the potential of heritage work in the light of a wide range of good examples and came up with a recommendation for a national museum that meets the requirements of museum legislation.