Those in Power

Handsome cars and powerful people

Those in Power

Handsome cars and powerful people have always gone hand in hand in Finland. As early as the 1920s, the cars had to be American and preferably black. Officials and business leaders also followed in the footsteps of the top political leadership, and the make and model of the car often indicated the rank of the owner. The President of the Republic usually used an Cadillac Fleetwood limousines. By American standards, ministries had quite ordinary cars, Plymouths and Dodges, as did the heads of state-owned companies or, for example, road districts. Instead, some of the biggest company directors were allowed to import cars that were as fancy as the president’s, but only if they could lend them for the state to use, for example, during state visits.

In post-war Finland, American cars were beyond the reach of ordinary people for tax and customs reasons, and only later did they find their way into civilian use. The exceptions were usually the very cheapest models, such as Dodge Darts or Valiants, which were also seen in Finland operating as taxis.

The exhibition of executive cars is a sister exhibition of the Kimmo Pyykkö Art Museum’s art exhibition of the same name. Those in Power art exhibition explores the theme of power in a broad sense through the work of a variety of artists. The exhibition also looks beyond the public portraits of those in power. There will be space for the cartoons and caricatures published in newspapers and for each artist’s own contemporary ways of looking at and depicting those in power.

Those in Power at the Kimmo Pyykkö Art Museum and Mobilia’s Fenno Gallery from 15 June 2024 to 5 January 2025.

Musta 1980-luvun edustusauto Buick Park Avenue pysäköitynä tyylikkään vaalenakeltaisen rakennuksen eteen kadun varteen.