Mobilia recognizes Disability Cards and Friend Cards

Personal assistants and interpreters accompanying a Disability Card holder are admitted free of charge. A friend of a Friend Card holder can also join a museum visit for free.

Mobilia is a registered Toilet Card location

A Toilet Card holder has immediate access to the nearest toilet. The Toilet Card sticker in our toilets sends a message to other toilet users that the person displaying the card has a medical condition and should be given fast access to the toilet, past the queue.

Guide and assistance dogs

Guide and assistance dogs are welcome in the museum. You can ask to borrow a water bowl for your dog at the info desk.


There are a total of two disabled parking spaces at Mobilia. One is located in the parking lot of the main building, closest to the entrance, and the other in the parking lot of the Fenno Gallery. The parking spaces can be found on the disabled parking app run by the Automobile and Touring Club of Finland.

The main entrance to the main building is reached via a ramp from the end of the building that faces the parking lot. The main door of the museum is button operated. If you need help, please get in touch with the Mobilia info desk (tel. +358 31 40 4000).

Storage facilities and accessible toilets

To get to the cloakroom, go through the café. There are also storage lockers at a low level.

Next to the cloakroom is an accessible toilet equipped according to the 1990s guidelines. It is not suitable for electric wheelchairs because there is not enough space around the toilet seat. However, the toilet is equipped with support rails and a lowerable sink. There is an accessible toilet equipped according to the current norms near the entrance to the Rally Museum on the exhibition area side of the main building.

Moving around the exhibition halls of the main building

The exhibition spaces in the main building are fully accessible. The exhibitions are on one level, and there is plenty of room to move around. A wheelchair can be borrowed at the entrance to the exhibition. The touch screens are at a height that is easily accessible even from a wheelchair. The exhibition rooms have chairs for resting.

Moving around the Fenno Gallery exhibition space

The Fenno Gallery is located in a different building about 400 metres from the main building. We recommend that you travel the distance by car, as the transition route is not accessible: there is a sandy footpath and a steep hill where pedestrians are guided up a flight of steps. The exhibition space itself is wheelchair accessible: an assistant is required to open the heavy front door, but the exhibition space is on one level and there is an accessible toilet equipped according to the current norms. If you are unaccompanied, you can ask the Mobilia info desk for help opening the door.

Services for the visually impaired

We recommend that visually impaired people come to the museum with an assistant. Cotton gloves are available at the ticket desk and can be used to touch certain vehicles in the exhibitions.

Audio description is available for groups by prior reservation.

In the Fenno Gallery, vehicles are located behind glass walls: reflective glass surfaces can make it difficult to see them.

Induction loop

An induction loop is not available at Mobilia.

Museum visits with young children

A childcare facility is located next to the café toilets. Our café has high chairs, and you can ask the café staff to heat up your baby’s food. Eating your own packed snacks or lunch is not possible indoors, but you can use the outdoor gazebo next to the playground as a picnic area.

Strollers are available to borrow at the entrance to the exhibitions in the main building. There is a children’s play area on the museum exhibition side, including armchairs for activities such as breastfeeding.

The FennoGallery has strollers to borrow and a small children’s play area.

Website accessibility

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