Together towards a more sustainable future

Mobilia is strategically committed to reducing CO2 emissions. Staff is familiarized with working according to Mobilia’s values and the EcoCompass commitments. Activities are constantly evaluated and improved to reach responsibility goals.

Sustainable Travel Finland

Mobilia received the Sustainable Travel Finland (STF) label in the beginning of September 2023. The label is granted by Visit Finland. Companies with the STF label are forerunners in sustainable tourism and constantly aim to mitigate the harmful impact of their operations on our planet, its people, and communities. One of the steps in the STF programme is certification: the STF labelled companies have a sustainability certificate, audited by a third party, to guarantee high-quality and long-term development in order to provide sustainable tourism services. Find our more about the label.


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Mobilia’s environmental work is guided by the EcoCompass system, where the environmental effects of our actions are comprehensively estimated. The sectors of our environmental liability include waste management, energy use, acquisitions, material use, chemicals, noise, logistics and travel, communications, actuation, and biodiversity. The system is based on the international ISO 14001 standard.

Mobilia acquired the EcoCompass certificate in 2023. the goals of our first three-year environmental programme season include reducing waste, sorting of waste, recycling, energy efficiency, renewable energy, logistics, transport and communicating responsibility.

We aim to reach our goals by improved sorting, reusing exhibition and packaging materials, enabling remote work and teleconferences, enabling recharging of electric automobiles, rethinking our need to travel, and encouraging our clients to use public transport or cycle. Responsibility is also actively communicated online and personally to our clients and partners.

Action towards a more sustainable future

Several measures have already been taken to reduce our environmental load.

In 2014 our real estate company Tieliikennemuseo began its transformation towards ecological energy economy, constructing a wood chips power station and abandoning oil.

In 2019 the real estate company invested in solar power installing 450 or 1152 m² of solar panels on our rooftops. This produces 16% of our annual power need. Solar power reduces our need to buy electricity annually by 107 000 kWh. This reduces out carbon dioxide emissions by 27 600 kg per year.

We have changed to led lighting as far as possible and renewed our air supply units to more efficient models. We follow the energy efficiency in our premises and search for new ways for improvement. Next, we are going to look at the need to change the windows of our main building.

Mobilia is easily accessible through Tampere public transport services. The terminus is situated right next to our front door. There are stands for bicycles and a hitching post for those travelling on horse. For those coming by boat, there is a harbour next to Mobilia. For electric cars there is a Autoliitto Charging Station powered by Virta in Mobilia.