The Trafiikki museums

The Trafiikki Museums Association is a network of ten Finnish museums of communication and transport.

The Trafiikki museums are:

Forum Marinum


Postal Museum

Päivälehti museum

Radio and TV museum

Media Museum Rupriikki

Finnish Aviation Museum

Finnish Maritime Museum

Finnish Railway Museum

The Museum of Technology

NordBalt road museums

The NordBalt road museum network includes the following museums:

Swedish Road Museum

Norwegian Road Museum

Icelandic Road Museum

Estonian Road Museum

Latvian Road Museum

Lithuanian Road Museum

Polish Road Museum

The museums are working together to strengthen the study, presentation, and preservation of road history in the Nordic and Baltic countries. The cooperation is part of the operations of the Nordic Road Association and the Baltic Road Forum.

The museums meet annually for a seminar.

Other partners

The Finnish Heritage Agency
Pirkanmaa ELY Centre

and numerous other public authorities

FIVA Fédération Internationale des Véhicules Anciens
Automobile museums under the Advisory Committee of Finnish Automobile Museums

and numerous other museums, associations, and operators.