Autoglym Gallery

High-quality storage services for your recreational vehicle

Autoglym Gallery is an exhibition space attached to the Mobilia collection house, housing the Mobilia Classics exhibition and a special exhibition that changes every year. In total, around forty vehicles are on display in the glass-walled exhibition space of the Autoglym Gallery. 

The Autoglym Gallery exhibitions are included in the price of the Mobilia admission ticket, and it is open to the public during normal Mobilia opening hours.

Looking for storage space for your recreational vehicle?

The Autoglym Gallery offers rental spaces for recreational vehicles. The rental location is a secure, high-quality storage area for the customer’s vehicle, where it is always on display to the general public.

The space provides an excellent opportunity for customer marketing communications. This is why many companies, such as VV-Auto Group and Falck, use the premises to store their fleet.

The rental space includes access to a vehicle washing facility and monitoring of vehicle fluids and tyre pressures. You can sign a rental contract for either a fixed or indefinite term.

Take the opportunity to rent a unique storage space for your car with full benefits!

Lasiseinän takana kiiltävä punainen MG-avoauto ja sen takana harmaa Bentley Continental Coupe konepelti avoinna, jotta yleisö pääsee näkemään mootorin


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