Organisation and custody of collections

Mobilia’s services to businesses and communities include the screening, cataloguing, cleaning, packaging, and digitisation of materials selected for long-term custody.

Either the materials under organisation and management are returned to the customer’s archive and storage facilities, or an agreement is made to manage the materials under Mobilia’s ‘collection hotel’ service.

Mobilia has carried out several collection organisation projects for road transport organisations. 

Mobilia’s collection storage facilities have been built for the long-term preservation of materials relating to the history of the automotive and road industries. This means that the collections will maintain their information value and remain in good condition. The 8,000 m² facilities of the Mobilia collection hotel were built in the 2000s. The collection hotel consists of a library, archives, picture archives, small-item storage, and large-item storage. The collection rooms are climate-controlled.

Mobilia’s custody services include the following services for road transport-related collections:

  • storage in the Mobilia collection hotel (room characteristics: temperature 16 to 18 degrees Celsius, humidity 30 to 50% rh, burglar and fire alarms)
  • receipt documentation
  • for vehicles, a reception service, annual maintenance work, and supplies so that throughout the contract period, the vehicle remains in a condition at least equivalent to that at the time of receipt
  • collection management tasks, including the supplementation of documentation and tasks related to exhibition use: contract procedures, preparations for transfer, and conservation and maintenance work related to exhibition use


The condition and information value of the collections can also be raised to an agreed level as necessary. While using the custody service, the ownership of the collections remains with the customer. The limits of the right of custody are defined in the custody agreement. Collections in the custody service are managed in Mobilia as separate collection hotel collections.

Mobilia manages the automotive and road-related collections of the following organisations through long-term partnership agreements:

The Automobile and Touring Club of Finland (ATCF)
The Association of Automobile Industry in Finland
The Association of Finnish Car Inspectors.
Helsinki City Museum
The Finnish Construction Trade Union / Infra Contractors
Finnish Road Safety Council
Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency
Finnish Bus and Coach Association
Motor Sport Museum
Neste Oil
Police Museum
Postal Museum / Posti Group Corporation
Radio and TV Museum
The Finnish Railway Museum Foundation
Scan-Auto Oy/Ab
Finnish Federation of Camping, Caravanning and Motorcaravanning (SF-Caravan)
Police Department of the Ministry of the Interior
Military Museum of Finland
Finnish Driving Schools Association
Finnish Transport and Logistics SKAL
Tampere Museums / City of Tampere
The Historic Road Machinery Society of Finland
VV-Auto Group Oy

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