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We only take a limited number of people on our open guided tours. Please secure your place by making a pre-booking. A valid museum ticket is required to participate in the guided tours.

Ryhmä tutustuu oppaan johdolla Rallimuseoon.
Vanhassa mustavalkokuvassa pinnapyöräinen, tumma Opel, jonka ratin takana istuu kuljettaja ja takapenkillä kuomu laskettuna tyylikäs, hattupäinen mies.
GROUP TOUR OF THE EXHIBITION ‘FINLAND ON THE MOVE IN THE 1920S’ The guided tour takes you deeper into the exhibition’s theme. Price € 65, duration ca. 30 minutes.
GROUP TOUR OF THE RALLY MUSEUM The tour will introduce you to the history of rallying and the international Rally Hall of Fame. Price € 65, duration ca. 30 minutes.
Kansainväliseen Hall of Fameen nimettyjen rallitähtien taulut Rallimuseon seinällä. Lisäksi osasta nimetyistä näytteillä ajohaalareita tai ralliautoja.
A BEHIND THE SCENES TOUR OF THE MUSEUM This tour will take you behind the scenes of Mobilia and show you what the museum is about more than just the exhibitions. Hundreds of vehicles from bicycles to road machines, not forgetting classic cars, are stored in the large collection halls. Due to the limited space, the tour can accommodate a maximum of 15 people. Price € 250 (€400 on weekends), duration ca. one hour.
Kokoelmien helmiä
Ahtaassa asuinparakissa on toisessa päädyssä kaksi metallista kerrossänkyä, komero ja pöytä ikkunana edessä.
STORIES FROM REDEPLOYMENT WORKSITES During the bad years of unemployment in the 1950s, roads were built as relief work. Roads were needed in Southern Finland, but the worst unemployment areas were in Eastern and Northern Finland. So, the decision was made to move the unemployed for work and house them in huts near the worksites. Mobilia’s outdoor exhibition ‘Stories from Redeployment Worksites’ features an accommodation hut, a site office building where the workers received their pay envelopes after hard weeks of work, a canteen trailer, and a traffic count booth. Due to the limited space, the tour can accommodate a maximum of 15 people. Price € 250 (€ 400 on weekends), duration ca. one hour. Special features: Coffee can be arranged for your group in the authentic atmosphere of the redeployment worksite buildings!

In addition to the tour fee, we charge group tickets (adults € 9.50 / person, pensioners € 7 / person, unemployed € 5 / person). We also accept the Museum Card!

Inquiries and bookings

Mobilia customer service, tel. +358 3 3140 4000

Mobile tours

“The wall-free museum” is a nationwide service produced by the Finnish Museums Association, which makes it easy to explore the content produced by museums from the comfort of your own couch.

In the mobile tour of our exhibition “Moving on, said Kekkonen”, you will find a fun competition on the history of road safety, never-before-published photos of the construction of Finland’s first motorway Tarvontie, gems from the archives, and photos of the restoration of the Clinic Bus for the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health.

In the “Cars & Helsinki” mobile tour, you can listen to the foreword to the exhibition by the late film historian Peter von Bagh.

Take a trip to Mobilia’s wall-free museum by clicking on the link below!

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