The forces behind the Rally Museum

Rally people support the museum

Rallying became part of Mobilia’s exhibition offerings on 29 April 2010, when the Rally Hall of Fame was opened in the Autoglym Gallery. When the Finnish rallying people got their very own museum in the extension wing of the Mobilia main building on 17 June 2016, the Hall of Fame became part of the Rally Museum.

To make the Rally Museum a reality, Mobilia organised a crowdfunding campaign on the Finnish crowdfunding service Mesenaatti. The campaign ran from 28 January to 8 May 2016 and raised a total of 86,420 euros. At the time, this was the largest amount of money ever raised through a crowdfunding campaign. The crowdfunding proceeds were used to build and maintain the Rally Museum.

The Rally Museum crowdfunding campaign attracted 378 patrons, including rally fans as well as motorsport-related companies and communities. Find out more about the supporters of the Rally Museum here.

Mobilia näyttelyt

Simo Lampinen, Patron of the Rally Museum

Four-time Finnish Rally Champion Simo Lampinen is the patron of the Rally Museum. He has had a long career in rallying, both as a driver and in organisation activities. As the patron of the Rally Museum, Lampinen represents the Rally Museum in Finland and abroad.

Friends of the Rally Museum Association

If you want to become a supporter of the Rally Museum and support the activities, the Friends of the Rally Museum Association started its activities in 2020.
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Simo Lampinen sini-valkoisen rallisaabin vieressä Rallimuseossa.